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  This is an opinionated editorial.  I'm hearing the word "divided" a lot lately. It would appear that a growing number of people are using the term to portray the way they feel, or lobbing it out to explain how they're victimized by others trying to "divide" society. The word as both an adjective and a verb has curiously taken on quite a negative connotation coinciding with the global pandemic we've all been dealing with in relative ways. Apparently we've become divided on the issues and our feelings towards them including vaccinations, wearing of masks, restrictions surrounding Covid19, public health measures and several others. I don't feel at all like the pandemic has divided us. I feel that the pandemic has exposed us. There is virtually zero chance that this global health crisis threatening our physical and mental wellness created a divisive context that didn't already exist in some relative degree of latency. It would be hard for any l

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