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Transcendental Respect

" Glow (In Explore May 23, 2021) " ( CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 ) by  Sergius Ghost Transcendence is the act of ascending beyond a mundane state to manifest within an absolute superior state. I think of respect as a necessary transcendent state, however, it appears that far too many do not as of late. Demonstrations of disrespect seem more common than those of respect. We've become extremely relativist about respect. It's become a word that most would claim to understand, and many would claim to practice, but most would be challenged to describe what it means in clear language. Go ahead and try. Define respect off the top of your head. It's not an easy thing to do. I'd like to believe that most people probably know what respect looks like when they witness it in different contexts. We can likely feel it when respect is occurring, and most people would likely be able to describe what a respectful tone sounds like. Most would likely even agree that respect is necessary for

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