Hope. Why now?

This word is the one I have thought most about in my life. I have often felt in circumstances beyond my control that I had none of it, and I have somehow found it again every time.

This word has saved my life countless times. It has guided me on my journey through life's less desirable moments, and it has helped me see things with relative clarity.

This word has become the foundation for my perspective toward all things. It has held me up and kept me viable when powerful elements have challenged my spirit and my safety.

This blog is the complement to my website, hopealliance.ca. The purpose of a blog to accompany the website is simple. The HOPE Alliance website articulates why the time for hope is in fact, now. It aims to explain what hope can be, what it can do for us, tour loved ones, our communities, others, and our world. The blog is a place to hear personal and honest, emotional stories of hope. These stories are the foundation underneath my unwavering belief in the remarkable and life saving purpose of hope.

As difficult as these stories will sometimes be to hear, they are evidence that hope is the alpha, and we really don't have any choice but to learn how to have it. Everything depends on this.

Thank you.

Sean Michael Grainger


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