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How I Became A Gentleman

  I was a quiet kid growing up. It seemed to be my nature, or perhaps I became that way due to my upbringing. Maybe it was a mix of both, I don't know. At any rate, I remember many anxious moments feeling confronted by a need to communicate, ask questions, or be around people. It was hard for me to talk to others. During my formative teen years, it got awful. My dad was a shift worker and an alcoholic, and he had many issues of his own to deal with. We didn't speak often, especially after my mom left him when I was twelve years old. These circumstances, although unavoidable in my young life, created many challenges for a boy my age. I couldn't simply ask my dad how to use deodorant properly, how much cologne to put on, how to style my hair, or how to talk to girls. My mom worked two, and sometimes three jobs simultaneously to make ends meet, so I couldn't ask her either. Talking to my mom didn't seem like the way that was supposed to go really. I also didn't hav

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