H.O.P.E. Alliance

 Health - Opportunity - Privilege - Education

These are four very impactful elements of successful living. Their relevance in contributing to our overall wellness is undeniable. People who can manifest these things will likely experience fulfillment, people unfamiliar with these elements will likely not. Herein lies the greatest challenge to a sustainable future for humankind. Ensuring that people are healthy, have opportunities, are able to exercise privileges, and become educated will impact our collective sense of relevance as humankind. The alternative is dire.

Unhealthy people in mind, body, and spirit, suffering from a fatalist perspective and void of opportunities to learn and thrive in life aren't those who will perpetuate hope in the present and hope for our collective future. So many among us have lost hope in such staggering degrees. Blindly ignoring this and perpetuating ideological practices that separate the hopeful from the hopeless will lead us down familiar paths. There are also, however, many fundamentally good ways to perpetuate hope for all that we should be contemporarily analyzing and repurposing. We need to abandon the intolerable notion that some of us deserve hope more than others. 

The caste-like system separating the hopeful from the hopeless is a pervasive social problem. It's not a cultural reality in some safely-distanced foreign place we can feel satisfyingly sad about; it's a reality confronting civilization. 

There will always be a range attached to how we define degrees of hope for members of a diverse society. There will always be those among us who will have more hope than others in relative ways as a result of the infinite variables impacting our hope perspective, but it should be reasonable and acceptable to anyone with brain function that we all, every one of us, deserve to start with a requisite degree of hope to empower us.

I understand there are politics underpinning the 'system' as it were. The challenges in attaining a hope perspective are simply not as pervasive for those with power over others, and there is firm resistance to relinquishing that power. The regression effect is alive and well. 

There are many who will say that maintaining the stratified nature of society where perceived alpha members hold all the cards and aren't about to let anyone see them is just the way it needs to be. Their hard work and dedication to fulfilling their dreams should be respected and revered. Their ideals are more important than others who don't yield their power. I will present no argument here other than to say that their abundant opportunities to manifest a hope perspective, however relative, should not require others to lack abundant opportunities to manifest their own hope perspective. A foundational provision of health, opportunity, privilege, and education is imperative for all. Our collective viability is dependent on how well our most disadvantaged are provided with opportunities to thrive.

That is the logic behind hope, the strategy. 

The Story Behind the Story.

The world we share is in a constant state of evolution. Humans have contributed to this evolution as a result of our high-functioning human brain and the realities it has allowed our species to dream up and realize. At every point in our history, we have contributed to the creation of new knowledge, sometimes quickly and positively, sometimes not so much. It's undeniable though that in the zeitgeist of particular periods throughout the evolution of our species, relative technology, contemporary discoveries, and heightened awareness have moved us very rapidly and positively toward new knowledge and ways of knowing that have perpetually brought us forward and given us hope that we will all thrive.

This phenomenon is the foundation of Hope Alliance.

"Earth - September 5, 2017" (CC BY 2.0) by Kevin M. Gill
In contemporary times, relatively speaking, the opportunities provided for us as a result of our advanced, collective intellect have the capacity to take us to very exciting places faster than ever before. Our world is growing. Quickly. As we create, learn, discover, invent, and connect with advanced realities never before imagined (growing), consider that at the same time it is quite possible that some of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that we relied on in the past to get us here are diminishing. Is it possible that particular human traits that have evolved and served us well over centuries are shrinking from our consciousness as casualties of new ways of knowing and doing that are not superior? 

Particular human traits that got us to this place of super advancement have served us well. Respecting ourselves and each other, learning with each other, supporting each other, and caring for each other, although not always acts that were prominently displayed during particular periods of our human history, and certainly at a deficit right now, have generally been considered desirable if we believe we need to create and support healthy, happy, productive, and responsible inhabitants of the metamorphic home we claim called Earth.

The ways we understand our world and what we need to know about each other to live peacefully and productively within it are in essence, growing and shrinking at the same time.

HOPE Alliance exists to bridge the gap between what we need to understand to live peacefully and productively with each other with what we've perhaps forgotten about knowing how to do just that. It taps into timeless wisdom that shall not be forgotten if we are to thrive in the ever-changing world together. In simultaneous form, HOPE Alliance carefully and thoughtfully embraces what we as intelligent humans should have learned and internalized about living peacefully and productively with what has yet to be discovered and has the potential to be leverageable toward peaceful and productive human existence moving forward.

HOPE Alliance represents a perspective toward purpose and productivity informed by human history and what we should have learned and not forgotten, and also by the imperatives of our future; what we need to understand in different ways to thrive and not destroy ourselves.

There is no greater topic of discussion.
“The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life's meaning. We long for a Parent to care for us, to forgive us our errors, to save us from our childish mistakes. But knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable. If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal.”
― Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space


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