Time Is The Deep Fundamental

"Time Spiral" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by gadl

We’ve all said it...
“I can’t find enough time.”

The fact is reality does not support this common rationalization. Time isn't something we need to find, it's already there. How we perceive time is the largest determining factor regarding how much we think we have, and how much we're missing to be productive and happy. Time is the deep fundamental, that is true, but we actually have more than enough of it every day to do everything we need to do, AND lead a healthy, balanced life.

Many of us think of time as an enslaving entity; as if it were something that works against us by some sort of absolute law, but this is the wrong way to think. We can be more productive, healthier, and happier if we follow a simple rule... 
We control our time, our time does not control us.

The physicists and philosophers have said much about time, and the theories they conceived are very complex, and why we're going to leave the science of time alone for now. It is, however, important to be aware that what we know as time can be viewed through an alternate lens, and that doing so can be very advantageous. Learning to perceive time differently, and then to invest in the highest quality choices regarding how we invest our time has the capacity to revolutionize our lives. Compartmentalizing the things we have to do, the things we want to do, and the things we need to do to remain happy, healthy, and productive on our own terms is critical to our quality of life. 

Time is our deep fundamental.

If there was an opportunity to view your time differently hence improving every aspect of your personal and professional life, would you take it? Learning how to do this is much, much easier than you may think. Hope Alliance offers a learning process to anyone wanting more time. Please get in touch if you're interested in learning how to perceive and access the time you already have differently and more productively. 



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